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Wetherspoons, 10 Cornhill, Ipswich, Suffolk Postcode: IP1 1DB Phone number.

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Wetherspoons  - Wetherspoons pub/public house


10 Cornhill

Tel: 01473 210334

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    In December 2009, Wetherspoon operated 743 pubs in the United Kingdom and planned to invest 250 million in 250 new pubs across the country over five years.[10]

    Wetherspoon pioneered having non-smoking areas in pubs even before the Smoking, Health and Social Care (Scotland) Act 2005 and the Health Act 2006 in England introduced smoking bans in public houses,[11] and started converting some of its pubs to completely non smoking in 2005 before introducing a complete ban in 2006.[12]

    The company also owns a chain of newer style bars, under their "Lloyds No. 1" brand. Unlike the Wetherspoon branded pubs, these bars play contemporary music (along with corresponding music videos that are displayed on wall mounted televisions) and often have a small dance floor.

    Although not widely promoted, a third type of Wetherspoons outlet has also been trialled in recent years, focused more on food, with minimal Wetherspoon branding and an extended menu, with table service. Examples of these include the Rocket in Putney, opened in 2010, and the Drapers Arms in Peterborough.

    Wetherspoon also own and run a chain of hotels (known until 17 September 2009 as "Wetherspoon Lodges" or "WetherLodges", but now as Wetherspoon Hotels, following a rebranding exercise) in the UK. There are currently 16 hotels in total, with 11 in England, 3 in Wales and 2 in Scotland.

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